Meet the Monterey Staff

MYACC Medallion Our Monterey staff are the greatest! Get to know them.

Chris Malpiedi Chris Malpiedi - Chris has been a vital figure at Monterey since the day he started serving as Property Manager in July of 2005. As a walking encyclopedia of Monterey's populace and Florida condominium law, Chris is reliable to handle situations and advise the board in whatever may come along. Outside of office hours, he enjoys playing golf ("poorly ") and is also enthusiastic about hunting, fishing, and riding his Harley.

Gale Todd Gale Todd - Gale, as Administrative Assistant, is the face and voice of Monterey, answering questions and producing information like magic, in person or by phone, from her spot at Monterey's reception desk. Married and the mother of two grown daughters, Gale has been traveling to us daily from Hobe Sound for seven years. As a Florida native, when not at work she takes naturally to travel, golf, and the beach.

Laurie Scarpa Laurie Scarpa - Laurie comes to us from Wilksville, a tiny town in Southern Ohio. She has been in Florida now for 3 years and just loves it. She is married and the proud mother of three grown children.
 She worked as a receptionist off and on for over 30 years and Monterey is just what she was looking for and will enjoy working here very much! She likes to read, work out, take her dog to the Dog Park. She also enjoys going to the beach on weekends along with exploring a little night life activity with her husband. She says everyone here is so nice - thanks you all for making her feel so welcome.

Gail Cost Gail Cost - Gail, our bookkeeper, came to us in 2007. She truly enjoys helping Monterey people in whatever capacity she can, as her job places her in a multiplicity of roles. Her smile and friendliness are not completely concealed behind that screen! Gail loves the gorgeous "outdoors" of Florida and all the activities thereof: golf, boating, walking, swimming.

Tom Priez Tom Priez - Tom, head of maintenance, is no newcomer to Monterey, where he has found "steady work and good people" since coming here early in 1999. Anyone who has ever filled out a "work order" has soon recognized Tom as a problem solver who knows Monterey inside and out. The father of twin daughters, Tom enjoys in his off-hours doing anything outside, especially camping, hiking, and biking.

Jim Coates

Jim Coates - Jim’s family moved to Florida from Pennsylvania when he was a young child and to Martin County in 1974. Jim attended Martin County High School and has worked as a handy man prior to joining the Monterey team. Jim and his wife have two children and two grandsons. Jim and family enjoy outdoor cooking, camping and fishing. They are very grateful for family and friends and life’s simple pleasures.


Bryan Leonard Bryan Leonard - Bryan has been a staff member for four years, in charge of Monterey's irrigation systems. When you're walking along the road and you see three or four sprays watering a section of grass, that's the system at work, and Bryan maintains all those wells and sprinkler heads! Bryan, a fan of all the South Florida teams, is the proud father of a fourth grade daughter and enjoys fishing and cycling.

Matt Lean Matt Lean - In his role as Greens Superintendent, Matt has plotted and worked for improvement since he took responsibility for the course at Monterey in March, 2010. He also began a helpful procedure of reporting problems and progress through monthly articles in Chip Shots, bringing Monterey's golfers up to date on the work and plans of the staff and even explaining the effects of the weather on the course. All together now: Fill your divots and repair your ball marks!

Joey Dovutovich Joey Dovutovich - After six years at Monterey working to maintain the golf course - cutting all the varieties of grass to the proper heights while being respectful of golfers, dealing with the rain and lack of it that creates the nuances of Florida weather - Joe resigned and left the area. He was gone for about a year, but he couldn't stay away! Now that he's returned, it's hard to say who is more glad - the residents of Monterey or Joe himself. His friendliness, spirit of cooperation, and devoted interest in our community make Joe a popular figure out there on his tractor.

Cassy Priez Cassy Priez - Yes, you caught that name right. She's the daughter of Tom Priez and says she enjoys working with her dad and also likes the people living here. As Monterey's newest employee, Cassy took over the janitorial duties in the clubhouse and Yacht Club about five months ago. In her spare time, Cassy likes to play softball, shop, and go to the beach.

Michael Wright Michael Wright - To many at Monterey, this worker is the invisible man. Coming into the complex on designated days to grab all those bags out of the cans, he tosses them, one by one, onto an ever growing pile in his truck. If you do happen to see his solitary act, you may suspect that it's magic or magnets holding those bags up there with never a one slipping. But, no. It's just talent and experience.